Pain Management Compounding Ideas

Pain Management

Ask the pharmacist about this exclusive Transdermal Base – Studies are available!

Smooth Muscle Spasm
  • Belladonna Extract mg/Morphine Sulfate 7.5 mg Base MBK Suppository (Blue Mold) (B&O Suppository has been unavailable.)
Multiple Sclerosis
  • Naltrexone HCI 0.5 mg Capsules Size #1

Alternate strengths are available. Ask the pharmacist for a copy of the September 2009 PCCA Apothagram “Consultant’s Corner” article to find out more!

Neuropathic Pain
  • Amitriptyline HCI 2%/Baclofen 5%/Ketamine HCI 5%/Ketoprofen 10% Topical Lipoderm®
  • Amitriptyline HCI 2%/Baclofen 2% Topical Lipoderm®
  • Ketoprofen 20%/Ibuprofen 2%/Ketamine 2%/Clonidine 0.2%/Amitriptyline HCI 2%/Guaifenesin 2% Topical Lipoderm®
  • Baclofen 5%/Ketoprofen 10%/Lidocaine 5%/Gabapentin 5% Topical Lipoderm®
  • Ketamine 10%/Gabapentin 6%/Clonidine 0.2%/Nifedipine 2% Topical Lipoderm®
  • Gabapentin 10%/Clonidine HCI 0.2%/Baclofen 1% Topical Anhydrous Lipoderm®
Pain Management

Have you seen the algorithm for pain/neuropathy? Ask the pharmacist for a copy today!

Opioid Tolerance
  • Dextromethorphan HBr 30 mg SR Capsules Size #1
  • Dextromethorphan HBr 60 mg SR Capsules Size #0
Wound Care – Pain
  • Morphine Sulfate 1 mg/mL Topical Gel
Radiation Burns
  • Ketoprofen 2%/Lidocaine 2%/Misoprostol 0.0024%/Phenytoin 2%/Aloe Vera 0.2% Topical Cream
  • Allantoin 2%/Vitamin D3 1000 IU/Gm/Aloe Vera 0.5% Compound Topical Cream

A variety of medications may be customized into VersaBase® Foam – Ask the pharmacist for more information

Bone Pain
  • Ibuprofen 800 mg Base MBK Suppository (Large Shell Mold)
  • Ibuprofen 800 mg/5 mL Oral Suspension

Sometimes people have pain on the skin upon which they cannot apply cream. Using a spray or foam may make them comfortable enough to apply Lipoderm®.

  • Ketamine HCI 2%/Morphine Sulfate 2% Topical Foam
  • Ketamine HCI 4%/Morphine Sulfate 4% Topical Spray
  • Ketamine HCI 10%/Bupivacaine HCI 0.3% Topical Spray
Amputation Pain
  • Ketoprofen 10%/Guaifenesin 10%/Capsaicin 0.025%/Lidocaine 2%/Amitriptyline HCI 2% Topical Lipoderm®
  • Baclofen 5%/Ketoprofen 10%/Lidocaine 5%/Gabapentin 5% Topical Lipoderm®
  • Ketamine HCI 5%/Gabapentin 10%/Clonidine HCI 0.2%/Baclofen 2% Topical Lipoderm®
  • Ketoprofen 5%/Cyclobenzaprine HCI 0.5%/Lidocaine HCI 5%/Bupivacaine HCI 1% Topical Lipoderm®
Pain ManagementInflammatory Pain from Injury
  • Diclofenac Sodium 10% in Lipoderm® Transdermal Gel
  • Ketoprofen 10% Topical Lipoderm® (Pentylene Glycol)
  • Ibuprofen 20% in Lipoderm® Transdermal Gel
Rheumatoid Arthritis / Joint Pain
  • Ketoprofen 10% Topical Lipoderm®
Soft tissue Inflammation
  • Ibuprofen 20% in Lipoderm® Transdermal Gel
  • Ibuprofen 20%/Piroxicam 1% Topical Lipoderm®
Plantar Fasciitis
  • Piroxicam 2% Topical Anhydrous Lipoderm®
  • Piroxicam 5% in Lipoderm® Transdermal Gel
Muscle Cramps for Athletes
  • Guaifenesin (2% & 10%) in Lipoderm® Base
Anesthetics Before Laser Procedure
  • Lidocaine 6%/Tetracaine 6%/Benzocaine 4% Topical Gel
Polyox Bandage

Ask the pharmacist about customizing medications in the Polyox Bandage. Patient instructions are available

Anesthetics Before Needle Sticks
  • Benzocaine 20%/Lidocaine 6%/Tetracaine 4% Topical Lipoderm®
  • Benzocaine 20%/Lidocaine 6%/Tetracaine 4% Topical Anhydrous Lipoderm®
  • Benzocaine 20%/Lidocaine 6%/Tetracaine 4%/Phenylephrine HCI 0.01% Topical PLO
Burning Mouth Syndrome
  • Capsaicin 0.25 mg Base A Troche
  • Salicylic Acid 0.3% Mouthwash (Also referred to as BMS Mouthwash.)

Other dosage forms as well as drugs are often used for Burning Mouth Syndrome.

Mouth Pain
  • Misoprostol 0.0024%/Diphenhydramine HCI 0.1%/Compound Oral Rinse (Also referred to as Radiation Burn Mouth Rinse)
  • Morphine Sulfate 1 mg/mL Oral Gel
  • Tetracaine HCI 0.5% Sorbitol Lollipop™ Base
  • Lidocaine 4% Oral Polyox Bandage
  • Morphine Sulfate 50 mg/mL Oral Suspension
  • Hydromorphone HCI 20 mg/mL Oral Solution
High Strength Opiate Capsules (SR)
  • Hydrocodone Bitartrate 20 mg SR Capsules Size #1 (Hydrocodone without APAP)
  • Oxycodone HCI 40 mg SR Capsules Size #1