Commonly Requested Veterinary Ideas – Canine


See the Feline and Equine Compounding Idea Sheets for more veterinary-related ideas.

Sedation / Restraint / Pre-Anesthesia
  • Acepromazine Maleate 5 mg/0.3 mL Topical Lipoderm® (Vet)
  • Butorphanol Tartrate 20 mg/mL Topical Lipoderm®
Motion Sickness / Nausea

Ginger works ell and can be compounded into an Animal Treat.

  • Acepromazine Maleate 5 mg/0.3 mL Topical Lipoderm® (Vet)
Suspensions for Vet Use
  • Fixed Oil Oral Suspension – General Formula
  • Itraconazole 150 mg/mL Oil Oral Suspension (Vet)
  • Doxycycline 10 mg/mL Oil Oral Suspension (Vet)
  • Chloramphenicol 250 mg/mL Oral Suspension (Vet)
  • Tetracycline HCI 100 mg/mL Oral Suspension (Vet)
  • Ciprofloxacin 50 mg/mL Oral Suspension (Vet)
  • Hydrocodone Bitartrate 1 mg/mL/Homatropine Methylbromide 0.3 mg/mL Oil Oral Suspension (Vet)
  • Gabapentin 100 mg/mL Oral Suspension (Vet)Human commercial product contains xylitol

Ask the pharmacist about this exclusive Transdermal Base – Studies are available!

Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Amino Caproic Acid Syrup 16.7% (Vet)
  • Acetylcysteine 5% Oral Solution (Vet)
  • Antioxidant/Multivitamin Oral Suspension (Vet-Canine) Dietary Supplementation
Lack of Appetite
  • • Cyproheptadine HCI 100 mg/mL Oral Suspension (Vet)
  • Kaolin 195 mg/Neomycin 25 mg Compound Capsules Size #0 (Vet)
  • Loperamide HCI 10% Topical Lipoderm®
  • Kanamycin Compound Antidiarrhea Mixture
Stay-Safe™ Closure

The self-sealing Stay-Safe™ Closure allows oral/topical syringes to draw the exact amount needed while reducing the risk of spill, evaporation and contamination

  • Ivermectin 0.1 mg/0.1 mL Topical Lipoderm® (Vet)
  • Ivermectin 1% Hair Lotion
Poloxamer Gel (Thermoreversible Gel)

Can be utilized with various drugs in:

  • Oral, Non-Sterile Preparations
  • Non-Oral, Non-Sterile Preparations
Transitional Bladder Carcinoma
  • Piroxicam 2 mg/mL Oral Suspension (Vet)

Poloxamer Gel is thermoreversible, meaning it is liquid at cold temperatures and a gel at body temperature, and adheres to body cavities, both internal and external. A variety of drugs can be incorporated into it, and it’s water washable. This gel is useful in areas such as: sinus cavities, ears, external wounds, internal abscesses, oral and ophthalmic. Ask the pharmacist for a copy of the Poloxamer Information Sheet for more details about this versatile dosage form.

Behavioral Issues Separation Anxiety, Thunderstorms, Fireworks, Etc.
  • Fluoxetine 10 mg/mL Oral Syrup (Vet)
  • Clomipramine HCI 5 mg/mL Oil Oral Suspension (Vet)
  • Clomipramine HCI 5 mg/0.1 mL Topical Lipoderm® (Vet)
  • Amitriptyline HCI 10 mg/0.1 mL Topical Lipoderm® (Vet)
  • Acepromazine Maleate 5 mg/0.3 mL Topical Lipoderm® (Vet)
  • Potassium Bromide 350 mg/mL Oral Solution (Vet)
  • Phenobarbital 200 mg/mL Oral Suspension (Vet)
  • Phenobarbital 200 mg Animal Treat – 4.2 Gm Mold (Vet)
  • Diazepam 15 mg/mL Rectal Gel (Vet)
Foot Toughener
  • Foot Toughener for Dogs
Polyox Bandage

The 30mL Collapsible Bottle is used for wound care often with the Polyox Bandage. Drugs commonly added to the bandage include: diphenhydramine, misoprostol, phenytoin, aloe vera, bupivacaine, antibiotics and antifungals. Ask the pharmacist for the Patient Instructions for use of an External Wound Bandage.

Urinary Incontinence
  • Diethylstilbestrol 20 mg/mL Oil Oral Suspension Concentrate (Vet)
  • Phenylpropanolamine 12.5 mg/0.1 mL Oral Solution (Vet-Canine)
  • Phenylpropanolamine HCI 25 mg Capsules Size #3 (Vet)
  • Diethylstilbestrol 1 mg Capsules Size #3
Acral Lick Granuloma
  • Capsaicin 0.08%/Sucrose Octaacetate 1% Topical Bitter Spray (Vet)
  • Sucrose Octaacetate 10% Topical Cream
  • Diphenhydramine HCI 2% Polyox Bandage (Vet)
  • Polyox 301 Bandage
Otitis Tropical Antimycotic
  • TRIS 0.6%/EDTA 0.12% Buffered Otic Solution (Vet)
  • Chlorhexidine 0.5% Ear Cleanser (Vet)
Poison Control

Vitamin K is a common request. Our pharmacy can prepare it as a Fixed Oil Oral Suspension

  • Apomorphine HCI 3 mg Ophthalmic Non Sterile Capsules Size #3 (Vet)
  • Apomorphine 6 mg Ophthalmic Solution(Vet) – Non Sterile